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About Me

Hi Friends,

My name is Yeshwanth Kadri,  a Very Warm and Hearty Welcome my Photo Gallery , Kadri007.COm. 

About MeI am basically a Hobbyist Photographer  with a passion of Automobiles from Childhood.  My first love has been Buses and Trucks.  This love of Commercial Vehicle's has kept my passion of Photography growing.   I come from a beautiful coastal city called Mangalore in India.  But work assignments has kept me holed up in the Garden city of Bangalore in Karnataka State.  

About Photography: The main reasons for getting into Photography was to Click pictures of Buses and Trucks.

How I got into main line photography is all because of the photographers around , just got inspired by the beautiful pictures that were getting shared online. Been a member of a few Photography forums and have been following few Photography blogs and journals.  Photographs from across the world corners of the world has always been inspirational and has kept me going further. 

For me Photography has been capturing and sharing the wonderful things around. There are so many good things in this world to see. Not many can travel around the world, but by sharing the pics online. People can at least see the world through someone's eyes.  Thanks to all the People around the world who keep sharing pics. 

The best thing about Photography is when you see the little smiles and happiness on the face of people. This has kept me going further and learn more about photography. 

Photography has made me realize that 'Life is Indeed Beautiful', it has helped me a lot during my bad times. It has connected me to a number of new friends and people. These are priceless.  

My Profession: On the Professional front I have done Post Graduation in Business Administration and have been working in the Consumer Insights & Market Research domain from past 10 Plus years. Currently I am working as a Marketing and Consumer Insights consultant. And continuing as my hobby, sometimes  I also do some Photo Assignments.  

My Gear: Started with all little Digital cameras and slowly graduated to pro camera's. Not a gadget freak but happy with a few lenses and my travel companion, a Nikon DSLR. 

My Message: Dear friends spread the joy of photography. There are people in the remote corners of the world who like your Photos. You may not know them, but someone far away is happy seeing your Photo and brings smile on his or her face. Be the inspiration to make this world beautiful. 

When you start living a life for others, you will get more happiness than you imagine. Share happiness, it doesn't cost anything nor you loose anything. ;)

Thank You one again for visiting Kadri007 .Com , Keep coming back, I will surely have something for You.

Cheerful regards

Yeshwanth Kadri

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